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When you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, your whole world collapses. My own daughter's battle with cancer is what sparked the gold ribbon pendant in my mind. Now, my daughter Brianne has been cancer free for 12 years, but being diagnosed at just 15 years old changed her entire life. She often says she couldn't have made it through cancer and become who she is now without going to Okizu, a summer camp for childhood cancer patients, survivors, and family members.

I made the first two of these pendants back in 2006. They were a gift for another mother-daughter duo we met in the hospital, Monique and Zara, who were dealing with the same diagnosis we were. Brianne and Zara were just one year apart in age and became fast friends. After just a few months they were able to attend a week at Okizu together even though both were still in treatment. Sadly, Zara passed away a few months after visiting Okizu, but got to spend that time smiling and hanging out with other teenagers who could fully understand what she was going through. 

The amazingly positive impact Okizu had on our family as a whole is why we made this non-profit the focus of all our charity. There are so many families in need of the support and community Okizu provides, especially since there are more and more childhood cancer diagnoses every day.

I have made ribbon pendants for Okizu's silent auction fundraisers over the years, so it seems natural to offer these to our customers directly and still support this wonderful organization. So, to honor our family's experience with cancer and help the families who need support now, 100% of the proceeds from these custom pendants will be donated directly to Okizu. 

Kind wishes & keep fighting, 

Geralyn Sheridan

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