The Science Behind Our Art

Our company's founder, CEO, designer, goldsmith, appraiser, CFO, and gemologist are all one in the same: Geralyn Sheridan. Even though she holds so many titles, her favorite designation is GIA Graduate Gemologist. Geralyn's creative mind thrives in the design and creation of her uniquely textured and curvy jewelry, but gemology is what grounds her. 

Gemology is the science of gemstones. Think of it as a subset of geology: it focuses on only the stones we consider precious. Gemologists are educated in this science and trained to identify, evaluate, and grade gems using a variety of methods.

We love gems and we know our customers do too, so we wanted to share some of the knowledge! We're working on getting information from Geralyn's mind to the web, but links to the right will go live as we get things published so feel free to browse and check back regularly!