Hammers and Torches and Wax, Oh My!

Goldsmiths are people who have been trained to manipulate gold and other precious metals to create jewelry. The term goldsmith is usually associated with fine jewelry, whereas the term metalsmith, jeweler, and other similar terms are often used in reference to more casual jewelry pieces that may or may not be made of precious metals. 

The terms jewelry designer and goldsmith are not interchangeable. Put simply, designers think up the idea for a piece, style, or collection and goldsmiths make those ideas into real, physical pieces. One can be both a designer and a goldsmith, but one does not necessarily imply the other. 

Geralyn has been a goldsmith for years and has accumulated quite a bit of knowledge, so we decided to share! We're working on getting information from Geralyn's mind to the web, but links to the right will go live as we get things published so feel free to browse and check back regularly!